Wednesday, February 22, 2012

College Coed Seeks Business Traveler with Spare Pillow Mints you are now, ready to attack the posts of backpage. You prepare to recognize the unmistakable tone of 'the backpage escort ad.' No. you don't recognize it at all. But now that you think about it, who ever said 'escort ads' have an unmistakable tone? On the contrary, escorts are entities that vary greatly from one to the next. And in these very differences you recognize the poster escort. Here, however, this post seems to have little connection with the rest. Are you a disappointed? Let's see. Perhaps at first you feel a bit lost, as when a person appears who, from the name, you identified with a certain type of face, and you try to make the features you are seeing tally with those you had in your mind... But then you go on and you realize that this escort is  [ehem] able nevertheless, independently of what you expected of escorts, and it's this itself...that arouses your curiosity; in fact, on sober reflection, you prefer it this way, confronting something and not quite knowing what it is yet...

The stranger I want to meet is called "Business Traveler" and that is the only thing you know about him, but this alone is reason enough for you to invest a part of yourself in the stranger. Just as I, since I have no intention of telling about myself, decided to call the character "business traveler" in order to conceal him, not having to name him or describe him, because any other name or attribute would define my desire more sharply than this archetype. Nothing could be easier for you than to identify yourself with him; from the beginning, his subjectivity is that of a man who is chilly [it's Febuary in the North-East, after all], listless, well educated, and whose pockets are filled with superfluous pillow mints. From the beginning, his subjectivity is that of a bemused, curious and (possibly) desiring heterosexual businessman...precisely the stranger I desire to see.
But the post refers you to something that is about to happen...that could happen...and it is this something else that makes it risky for you, the reader, to identify with "business traveler" and for it's author: me.

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