Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Playing games with Gamers

If I told a woman that I was a pickup artist before sleeping with her, she'd still have sex with me, but she'd make me wait a week or two longer just to ensure that she was different from all the other girls. If I told a girl I was a pickup artist after sleeping with her, she was usually amused & intrigued by the whole idea, and convinced that I hadn't been running game on her. However, her tolerance for the community lasted only until we broke up or stopped seeing each other, at which point it was used against me.

-Neill Strauss: The Game

For some reason...pick-up artists sometimes find their way onto SA. I'm not really sure why. It's rather strange.

But honestly, I love SA pick-up artists. Seriously. 

SA pick-up artists...they're really sort of a sex-worker-permutation...they turn tricks for sex. Sex workers turn tricks for cash. 

Same skill-set, same wave-length...know what I'm saying?

That said, I don't sleep with pick-up artists., that's not right. I don't sleep with pick-up artists for free.

See- that's the trick.

Pick-up artists really couldn't give a fuck about fucking. What they want is conquest...they get off on getting you to do something you don't....realllly want to do. It's really more about the rush of gaining emotional power over a woman. Sex is really only a symbol of that.

Paying is really a symbol that negates the symbolic submission in sex...

It's that simple. It really is.

I can spot a pick-up artist very early on. I can spot him because I can see the game & I can almost feel his mind he's trying to consciously gain an emotional edge. 

It's really fun. It ends up being quite like a fencing match.

And my main weapon are rules. 

My rules are: you can pay me for sex, or you can wait 20 dates. 

If I fuck him for free, he wins. If he pays me for sex, I win. A pick-up artist can't 'win' the game if he explicitly pays cash. I can't win the game unless I'm explicitly given cash for sex.

Pretty simple. 

I normally allude to rules on the first date. And by the third or fourth, I drop the bomb: 'okay. can either wait 16 more dates. Or you can pay me. Pretty simple.' 

I drop the bomb after he's sent out the traditional emergency-emotionally--manipulative artilliary of 'you want an emotional connection...that's just not something I can give' or 'god, you must have been burned before, don't you trust me?' or 'you're uptight. Why are you so uptight? You're a good girl, aren't a little.'
Anything but 'the bomb' simply affirms those statements. It's like...saying 'yes, I do want an emotional connection.' or 'YES! I AM uptight!' or 'YESSS, I have been burned before and I can't trust you.'

But dropping the 'p' bomb unshrouds the game. It makes it painfully obvious what he's after (or else...a few hundred bucks is nothing...oder?)

You have to package the 'p' bomb in the right way, though.

$500. I mean, you make 500K right? It's not that big of a deal. I mean, you've already racked up 350-ish on drinks. And it'd wind up being cheaper than 16 more dates.

Oh, actually, I really don't need the money. Yeah. I have a lot saved up. & I have a full ride & my parents do rent & car insurance and stuff. If you want, you can just donate it to a charity. I can suggest some.

...yeah, I'm sure you're a good person & donate money. That's great but I mean, if you're already doing that, like, you aren't doing it for me so it really doesn't count as payment. Um, if you bring an e-receipt from that, that's fine. Or you can give me a check made out to the organization & deposit it. As you prefer.

Oh. If you don't support empowering girls in third-world countries, that's fair. We all have our personal leanings. Well, um, you could just give it to that homeless guy over there. As long as I see it, that's fine too.

I mean, you could just burn the bills. That sounds like fun. But sort of wasteful. But then again, spending 350 on drinks is also sort of wasteful.

And my fucking god, it really is quite like a bomb.

*     *     *

I've never won the game. I've never lost the game. 

It normally ends in a stale-mate on the 10 or so date...but I've gotten it to 15 once. I've even met one guy's work colleagues and sister & gotten taken on a week-long trip.

But it's a fun challenge...for me to make the match last as long as possible.

Quite a work out, though. Must say.

p.s. - I'm actually a sweet-heart to nice people! I really am!'s sometimes fun to give evil pick-up artists a taste of their own medicine. That's all. 

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