Sunday, February 12, 2012

Johns & Massages

Okay. So I'll admit it.

I'm incorrigibly naughty.

Sometimes I get an itch that nothing but meeting a complete stranger in a hotel room will scratch.

This happens every 3-6 months or so. It really all depends on my sugar-life at the moment.

Sugar Dating sites are 100% the worst place to find one-off arrangements. I've found the guys on sugar-dating sites who will even consider such a thing are at least two, if not more, of the following options:

a) very old.
b) creepy/socially retarded.
c) fetish-minded.
d) incredibly cheap.
e) bitter that they have to pay for it.
f) get turned on by corrupting 'naive college students.'

Er...maybe that's saying too much. But honestly, if we're both looking for a discrete (and yes, I mean discrete not discreet) there any point in back-and-forth messaging & tip-toe-ing around the P4P-ness? And if I'm looking for an SD...I want to get to know the person first. How can I put this in another way...letting someone think of himself as your SD is like giving him a Michelin-3-star rating. Letting someone be your client is like giving him a Michelin-1-star rating. & like Michelin, I'm very picky about awarding three stars....

I also like to keep the Sugar-world pure. Nothing irks me out more than men on SD websites who act like Johns but expect you to act like an SB, and I'd hate to in any way contribute to their presence.


In order to scratch said 'itch' - I post a clever, sugar-baby-esque ad on an internet classified site targeting business travelers, wait until I get 6-12 responses, then delete it.

I just got an email from someone from the last run (mid-November) yesterday...he had a dream about me...we were on a trans-atlantic cruise...which made me think about it.

Actually, the last run (early-November) was an excellent one. [They're all good, this one was suprizingly so]. I met SD(1) through that. [We both wanted to go on a double-decker-bus tour, & did that OTC the day after meeting, & it snowballed from there].

The guys from that ad were all similar in a few weird ways:

1) They all wanted to start off by giving me a massage. (3 were frickin' amazing...seriously, I am never tossing $80 out on a day-spa again)
2) They were all pretty intent on giving me multiple orgasms.
3) We had common aesthetic/literary/intellectual taste.

On 1 & 2 - is there some sort of American John etiquette book I haven't stumbled upon that instructs clients to give hookers massages and orgasms? Er...or maybe bi-passing the wining-dining-impressing-negotiating stages just leave them with more energy...

meh...who knows.

On 3 - I guess you have to be a special type of person to respond to a photo-less P4P advert masked in a Robert Frost poem...

Last question...does this make me an escort? own perspective... I'm an escort to any of the 15-20 guys who stumbles upon an ad I post.

My ads are up for 48-80 hours/year. So...I guess I'm an escort for 48-80 hours/year...

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