Friday, February 17, 2012

New Management

This post is to notify you that the "SB" formerly known as "Meg" (henceforth "buttahfly-BB") is now under new management.

All communications with "Buttahfly-BB" will subsequently be handled by myself, Lola "big-momma-pimp" Tia.

In order to ensure "SDs" a standard quality of warmth, affection, chemistry & kink (aka. sugah) & streamline sugah provision, "Buttahfly-BB" will no longer be offering the same sugah-exchanges as you may have come to expect:

Beginning Febuary 22, "Buttahfly-BB" will no longer engage in p4p interactions after in-person meetings with SDs she finds to be "incredibly sexy" "funny" or "attractive."

Henceforth "potential SDs" will have the opportunity to apply for a "trainee position" (entitled "client.") "Clients" will be "test-driven" by "Buttahfly-BB" at the going "courtesan rates" for a duration of at least two months.

"Clients" who demonstrate "chemistry," "affection," "trustworthiness," "reliability" and "more than John-ness" throughout the "trainee period" will have the option to apply for "SD-status" and "a re-structure of the sugah exchange" via our prestigious review board.

Yours Cordially,

 Lola "big-momma-pimp" Tia

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