Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tumble-Weeds in Sugar Land - Part 2

A problem a lot of my friends have mentioned is that 2-4 months after creating a profile on a sugar dating website, the number of emails they receive slowly begins to trickle off.  This is problematic for them, because many only begin to understand what being an SB means, what type of a relationship they want, and how to screen and search pot-SDs after a few months.

Personally, I think two things explain this:

1) "Been on SA since..." suggests that:
a.) You are not looking for an exclusive relationship or an ongoing one (i.e., I'm actually a hooker prowling for clients).
b.) If you are looking for an SD, you have not been able to find one either because your expectations are too demanding, or because you are a low-quality SB. (i.e., I've been sitting on the shelf for...)

2) The default-SB search on most Sugar-sites searches by "newest profile." So...the longer you've had a profile, the less likely it is that an SD will stumble upon it. (& if we consider the fact that 8.6 new SBs join daily & 15 profiles are returned on each search slowly start to drift out of the SDs intro-search process).

Obviously, some SDs don't think like this. In particular, my guess is that sophisticated SDs do not think like this. However, as aforementioned, many SDs are new to sugar-land, don't put much thought into the search process, and follow these assumptions.

So - if you see tumble-weeds, try:
1) Hiding or deleting your account and creating a new one on another site.
2) When those relationships have ended (i.e., after 3 months, 12 months, a few years, whatever), create a new account on the site you were originally a member of with new pictures, updated info, & references to the fact that you've been in successful sugar relationships before.

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