Thursday, February 9, 2012

Questions: Sugar-Baby Budgeting for Married Men

Okay - So...

A lovely [and happily] married man dropped ca. 5k/month into my bank account for ca. 6 months...

I know another married guy who shed 30k on a single-mother-SB over 3 months.

And...I know a guy who shed 3-5k on escorts on a monthly basis.

[I could go on for the next 80 lines]

So...OK. I've always been super-curious on this one:

How do married SDs find the funds for (or hide the funding of) sugar-bab-ettes?

Do you use bonuses that your spouse is unaware of? Do you use travel expense budgets? Do you and your spouse have separate accounts? Have you reached the point of 'don't ask-don't tell?' Do you make up fake wind-fall expenses?

Seriously. I'm scratching my head a bit around this one.

So... Please do me a favor, save me from scratching my scalp into dandruff-ey mess, & drop me a comment or email (anonymous is fine) with any deets.



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