Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fake Sugar Daddy[S]

Oh, the hilarity!

I received an email today from a fairly experienced SB regarding a potential fake Sugar Daddy.

Replying to her email, I searched for Fake Sugar Daddys, a blog with tips regarding spotting a potential con-artist/rapist and a black-list of conning, violent & dangerous SDs.

I accidentally stumbled upon the website: Fake Sugar Daddy, a blog written by a Fake Sugar Daddy instructing other SDs on how to con women...

The two websites:

The two websites' missions:

This blog is about how I fake being a Sugar Daddy to get laid. I'll explain to you what you need to do to pass yourself off as a Sugar Daddy so that you can get laid by some of the most attractive women on the planet.

We have all heard the stories (or have our own) of men posing to be sugar daddies, when they really have no idea what it is about or in some other way misrepresent themselves. If you have had a experience with a fake SD share your story and help out other baby's to avoid him. Not all sugar daddies are who they appear to be, and it is important to flush out the phonies from the real sugar daddies.

Still laughing at that right now. 

That said, both sites are pretty great informational tools re. spotting a fake.

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  1. wow, that fakesugardaddy guy is ballsy. describes himself as a "decent guy" and justifies what he does to women because he assumes all women are con artists and manipulative. What a piece of work! I think all new ABs should read his site, to understand that these creeps are real and very charming.