Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why SD(1) Is an SD and Not a Client

So much attention is directed towards why "SBs" aren't "escorts."

My perspective is a bit non-traditional, because I worked as an escort, am pretty much who I am regardless or who I'm with, and have not had the misfortune of wasting 3-500 on an apathetic/bait-and-switch/dead-fish of an escort. As a result, I'm not really sure what differentiates an SB from an escort.

However, I can definitively say what a client will not do/does not do. (Or...well...clients sometimes do this, but if they do, they're out of the 'client' category and have become sugar daddies)

A client will not:
-let you crash for a week at his hotel room/apartment because it's peaceful/tidy and has an amazing espresso-gizmo thing.
-clean your apartment & wash your dishes while you're writing an essay/news piece.
-listen to you freak out about an essay/news-piece and help you write an outline.
-go grocery/bedding/cleaning-supply shopping with you.
-continue to see you if you show up (for a p4p type thing) & say, 'you know, I'm not really in the mood. Could we just cuddle and watch television?'
-give you a large sum of cash (without having seen you a few times) without the implicit expectation that you'll get down to business with each-other.

So - I guess the main difference is:

A client does not want to hear your drama/emotional issues - period.
An SD wants to hear about your drama/support you emotionally ( long as you aren't a drama queen) but doesn't want any drama/emotional issue talk that is related to him/a product of the relationship you have with him.

In platonic terms, a regular client is sort of like a colleague/class-friend/ terms of the depth of interactions. An SD is like a BFF.


  1. Yes! an SD is indeed like a BFF

  2. Awww... But seriously...absolutely. And if you don't wonder what he's doing or aren't happy to hear from him 5 years later, and there's money involved, it's just a client. If you don't wonder what she's doing or aren't hear from her 5 years later, and there's money involved, it's just a hooker.

    No money involved? It's just a hook-up. That's my position & I'm sticking to it.