Monday, February 13, 2012

Dearest Feminists & Pharmaceutical Companies

Dear Feminists,

No offense...but I am not amused with your little social experiment.

While I understand that life is quite boring for an an upper-middle-class Wellesley-educated white woman in Stepford (or whatever)...I wish that you had had more consideration vis. a vis. the social consequences of your movement. else can I put this.

I understand that, having popped out a few kids in your early twenties with the dude you lost your virginity to at college in college, and having done the suburban child-rearing thing, you might be a bit envious of the male gender's freedom to spend 60 hours a week in a white windowless cubicle in the big city. I completely understand your retrospective bitterness at having spent your post-college years changing diapers & knitting doileys. I completely understand that.

But for fuck's sake. Women loose their fucking fertility at 32-37. Do you not understand that your 'we're-all-equal' dealio has usurped the 'stay-at-home-mom' entitlement from women during their natural child-birthing years? Do you not realize that your social experiment has resulted in women:

a) postponing child-rearing until mid-career, then shifting to part-time or dropping from the workforce entirely?
b) not having kids at all?
c) adopting or outsourcing pregnancy to surrogates due to decreased fertility rates?

Do you not realize that your little social experiment has de-institutionalized marriage?

How, in any way, is this good for women?

Er...and how is sitting in an airless cubicle for 40-60 hours a week and playing with invisible value bundles better for society (or yourself) than raising kids, leading community organizations, and pursuing personal creative projects?

Thank you,



P.S. - Pharmaceutical Companies that Created Birth Control: I am equally not-amused with you.


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