Monday, February 13, 2012

Safety in Sugar Land

I'm currently working on creating a dynamic & user-friendly discussion forum for Sugar Babies only.

The intended purpose of the forum is to:
-create a central & easily-searchable site unaffiliated with any specific Sugar-Matching site where SBs can post:

1) information on dangerous, fake, or scammer SDs.
2) discuss & ask for advice on future or ongoing relationships.
3) chat with like-minded sugar-babes.
4) comment on various websites (i.e., SA, SDFM, WYP)
5) publicize their own blog.

The site should be semi-functional in a week or please keep checking in!

Also, please contact me if:
1) you'd like to have your blog listed on the sugar-forum.
2) you're interested in writing a brief advice/safety-tips article.
3) you're interested in helping with the site (as a moderator, with input regarding the lay-out, forum-sub-topics, & posting rules).

xoxo Meg

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